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Q & A

Kevin Dilk started Dilk Roofing in April of 1994.

Yes, these types of facilities are our specialty, (servicing and re-roofing). We also specialize in roof replacement and maintenance type work on institutional type facilities such as the United States Postal Facilities, Churches and Hospitals.

Not normally. However, if the owner has a low-sloped or flat roof to replace, we understand this is not a typical residential roofing contractor specialty but it is our specialty and therefore we can provide an estimate for this type of work. We do not install roofing for typical shingle homes.

Yes, our service technicians are trained to repair most roof systems. If the service request is for a roof leak, we start by investigating the location and source of the leak and then we try to make the most cost effective repair during the initial service visit. If only temporary repairs can be made initially, we will return at a later time to make a more permanent type repair. We also work with other general and sub-contractors, such as heating and cooling contractors that need new and/or old roof penetrations properly sealed. Our service fees are charged on a time and material basis and the customer pays for only one way transportation to or from their facility, (whichever is less).

This is a very difficult question to answer

  • Consider the age of the roof and if continual leaking problems, it may be time
  • The type of the existing roof and its expected useful life.
  • Need to consider if replacing is in the budget. Sometimes if the funds aren’t available the older roofs need to be nursed along for a reasonable time.
  • If your roof is not beyond its useful life expectancy and it was installed properly but you are experiencing roof leaks the roof should be evaluated but usually can be repaired rather than replaced.
  • We will help with the unknown factors by giving the building owner as much information as we can.

Yes, we provide free estimates within a 50 mile radius of downtown Indianapolis. There may be a charge for estimates beyond the 50 mile radius depending on the location. We do not provide estimates for shingled type residential roofs.

There is no set price per square foot for a new roof installation. All roof situation are different. There are several factors that make up the cost of the roof for example; an existing roof may need to be removed prior to installing the new roof and this may be necessary due to the weight of the roof, the amount of layers or plies of the existing roof, the type of insulation of the existing roof, the structure that supports the roof, the moisture content of the existing roof, the surface condition of the existing roof…….. Also, what type of roof system the new roof is to be. Some roof systems are considerably more expensive than others. Some roof structures require tapered insulation for additional drainage, some required additional insulation for R-value…… the examples can go on and on but the point is; a roof system can usually be built to fit the building owner’s budget and we understand cost is always a big factor but it should not be the only consideration win choosing the right roof system or contractor to do the job.

No, Dilk Roofing, Inc. will provide this service for a fee. The fee or a portion of the fee can be waived if we are hired to perform roofing work. Our inspection can be as simple or as involved as the owner decides. We can perform a non-intrusive/visual inspection with or without thermal imaging or we can extract one or more core samples for testing and evaluating. Inspect all of the roof projections, perimeters, walls, etc…. We would then provide a photo synopsis of the roof, a report listing defects if any and we will provide our opinion of the condition of the roof, budget pricing for repairs or replacement, if needed. We leave it to the building owner or property manager to decide how extensive the report needs to be. We would provide this service on a time and material basis starting at $400.00.

No, not as a rule. The service technician is normally on site to solve a current roof leak problem, evaluate only as much as needed to assist in providing the service they were initially requested and not there to give an opinion of the condition of the roof.

Yes, we can say this but it’s not completely accurate. We have performed work or projects contracted from $200.00 to over $1,000,000.00. We pride ourselves on completing the difficult jobs but of course we like the easy jobs too and we feel that the small ones are just as important as the large jobs. We are a small commercial / industrial roofing company, maybe one of the smallest of this type in the Indianapolis area. There are projects that are very large and have deadlines that we cannot or may not be able to meet and there are other good roofing companies that are more suited and/or equipped to meet the needs of those type projects. We would do our best to point a building owner in the right direction and recommend a contractor that may better meet their needs, if we can’t.

Yes. We provide our standard two-year material / labor guarantee form at the completion of each new roof installation. Also, most new roof systems that we quote, we will offer an option for a manufacturer’s material / labor limited warranty for a fee. The manufacturer’s warranty includes a technical inspector make at least one jobsite visit to inspect the roof and confirm that it is installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. The manufacturer warranties available are usually 10, 15, 20 or 25-year. We do not offer a warranty or guarantee for leak repairs or other maintenance type repairs on roofs that we did not install.

No. We do not offer typical long term financing our terms may vary somewhat depending on the type of project and length of time the projects is expected to complete. Our normal invoicing is after completion of the work we provide and payment is expected within 30 days after invoice date.